Best of 2013 Diamond on Vinyl on critics' picks for 2013
Twitch Film: Ben Umstead's 2013 in Cinema: Reflections and Favorites "#9: Hughto's SoCal noir is a fascinating and thrilling study on the role of the other and the destruction and reconstruction of the self through painstaking process."
The 2013 Hammer To Nail Awards Honorable Mention for the top films of 2013
Fandor: The Absolute Best (and Worst) of Nearly Everything MMXIII, by Jonathan Marlow "Best Performance in a Little-Seen Film: Sonja Kinski in Diamond on Vinyl. Forget that she's the daughter of Nastassja Kinski and, therein, the granddaughter of Klaus Kinski. Whatever her name, she gives a great performance in film that deserves to be seen by more folks."
Smells Like Screen Spirit: Don's Favorite Narrative Films of 2013, by Don Simpson "#31, Writer-director J.R. Hughto's cinematic chamber piece questions the authenticity of our selves, specifically what we say. Rating: 9/10."
Twitch Film: Indie Beat's Top 10 Indie Films of 2013 (thus far) by Ben Umstead "...few other recent films crackle with an intensity that echo back to the darkly cloaked pulp writings of David Goodis, or recall cinematic classics such as The Conversation or Blow Out in their social-psychological labyrinths. Provocative and meditative stuff to be sure."
The Hollywood Reporter Review by Justin Lowe A "tautly wound script... Kinski brings both an inquisitive guilelessness and a determined quest for control to her role. Hughto weds his filmmaking technique to the narrative's spine, working with sound designer Ugo Derouard to create a complex and often unsettling soundscape."
Hammer to Nail Review by Paul Sbrizzi "Conceptually brilliant and emotionally intense."
Film Threat Review by Mark Bell "Deeply layered, rewarding contemplation... subtle but emotionally devastating at the same time."
Twitch Film's Review by Ben Umstead "Buoyed by McGuire and Kinski's superb performances, Diamond On Vinyl is surely a highlight of this year's Slamdance. ...Hughto's film challenges and uproots the perceptions and roles deemed fit for society, giving us an intimate, ultimately empathetic, but no less easy to handle character study."
Indiewire's Picks For the Five Breakouts of Slamdance 2013 "J. R. Hughto's film, which moves from one sparsely decorated room to another, with patches of palm tree-lined streets in between, recalls the stripped-down aesthetic of Steven Soderbergh, and plays with the nature of relationships, rehearsal and replication in alluring ways."
The San Antonio Current, by Enrique Lopetegui "A master class on ensemble cast acting."
The Film Stage, by Jared Mobarak "Love is found where it was lost, trust where it was betrayed, and fear of the unknown where the steely cold faćade of strength once presided impenetrable. While we may not record strangers or blatantly invade people’s privacy in our day-to-day, we still all glean answers for how to cope, grow, and engage the world around us so we may find ourselves."
USA Today's 10 Slamdance 2013 Highlights "Sonja Kinski, the daughter of Nastassja Kinski, stars as an adventurous L.A. photographer who meets a guy devoted to recording his intimate bedroom shenanigans." profiles Diamond on Vinyl "One of the most innovative independent offerings up at the Slamdance Film Festival this week....reminiscent of the honesty of indie pioneer "Sex, Lies & Videotape" cut with a dose of lo-fi voyeurism, the film has a marked beauty and is weighted with intrigue."
Q Movie Blog profiles Diamond on Vinyl "The big queer buzz title at that other Park City festival, Slamdance (January 18-24) is the world premiere of DIAMOND ON VINYL starring Sonja Kinski as a seductive stranger who surfaces as the sexy corner of a love triangle with a straight couple. While not a full-on lesbian film, Kinski's performance in DIAMOND ON VINYL is being compared to early Angelina Jolie."
Smells Like Screen Spirit Review by Don Simpson "Writer-director J.R. Hughto's cinematic chamber piece questions the authenticity of our selves, specifically what we say. Rating 9/10."
2013 Slamdance Film Festival: Programmer Notes "Writer-director J.R. Hughto's idiosyncratic approach to voyeurism challenges cinema's visual dominance with scenes shown in chronological order in a film that merges past, present and future aurally, while also using its audio to question what is authentic and what is a lie, what is real and what is playback."
Fangoria, Interview by Chris Alexander "Sonja Kinski delivers a magnetic performance."
DP/30 interview David Poland interviews actress Sonja Kinski and Writer/Director J.R. Hughto just a few hours after Diamond on Vinyl's world premiere at Slamdance '13.
COOL Magazine, interview with Sonja Kinski and J.R. Hughto by Taiyo Okamoto "Whoever you are and whatever you do, human beings tend to want something different from their current situation, although we are often unsure about what we really desire. Mr. Hughto intimately and sensitively illustrates this ambiguity of the human condition in Diamond on Vinyl."
Beyond Cinema Magazine hosted by Elliot V. Kotek Elliot V. Kotek interviews Sonja Kinski, Brian McGuire, Nina Millin and director J.R. Hughto about their new film "Diamond On Vinyl" at the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival.
Twitch Film: Slamdance 2013 Interview Director J.R. Hughto & Star Sonja Kinski Talk DIAMOND ON VINYL with Ben Umstead. "Where do you draw the line between playing, practice and real life? Or is there a line at all? Hughto and Kinski fill me in."
Smells Like Screen Spirit Interview with Writer/Director J.R. Hughto by Don Simpson "...we dutifully scripted out all of our questions and rehearsed for hours on end in the mirror of our Park City condo. (We can only assume that Hughto approached his side of the conversation in the same responsible manner.)"
Park Record: Kinski Shines in 'Diamond' by Scott Iwasaki "Kinski said Hughto was a great director, especially since the film was shot in such a short time. "We got it done, and it helped because we were able to cram everything in under pressure," she said. "J.R. is a sweet and amazing person and great to work with."'
Slamdance Spotlight on Diamond on Vinyl Behind the scenes with Slamdance TV.
2013 Slamdance Announces new Beyond Showcase "...a brand new section. Beyond showcases bold and daring films from emerging Narrative and Documentary filmmakers, working just beyond their first features."